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Global Influencer: Travels By Sunny

We are so excited to collaborate with global influencer and lifestyle content creator Sunny at this year's White Label World Expo! Read more about how Sunny took control of an entrepreneurial dream and became a global influencer.


Hello, my name is Suneel, and I am a travel & lifestyle content creator. I started my Instagram page as a hobby as I love photography. I love to travel with my camera and I am always looking for new places to explore and new things to photograph. I never imagined that my page would grow to be what it is today.

I am also passionate about digital content and how it can be used to reach and engage people. My page has given me the opportunity to connect with people from all over the world and to share my passion for travel, photography, and producing digital content. I have experience working with brands to create and execute digital marketing campaigns. I have also worked with a number of lifestyle and travel brands on their social media strategy and content production. I am always looking for new opportunities to work with brands and help them to reach and engage their target audiences.

Be sure to check out his content! @TRAVELBYSUNNY