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Association for Entrepreneurship USA

The Association for Entrepreneurship USA serves independent and small business leaders across all 50 states through community involvement, peer mentoring and education. By joining forces for greater purchasing power, we offer today’s entrepreneur the competitive edge needed to compete in today’s digital world.

The Purpose of AFEUSA:


Education plays a key role for any entrepreneur. AFEUSA hopes to provide a multitude of educational options including monthly newsletters, one-on-one business coaching, motivational ideas and concepts, along with a library of noted books and audio tapes.


AFEUSA has negotiated a variety of both business and lifestyle discounts to benefit its members. In addition, members can view a multitude of entrepreneur based programs throughout the US geared towards basic as well as advanced entrepreneurship.


The life of an entrepreneur can sometimes be a lonely one. AFEUSA plans to help you bridge that gap with its future Open Forum platform and “Shark Tank style” online presentations, and connections to investment capital for start-ups or business expansion. And be sure to visit us on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. With AFEUSA, its success by association!

If you’re using your mind, home, and talents to earn a living, then you are an Entrepreneur! From the Etsy Gurus to the nineteen year old tech designer, AFEUSA is helping those grass-roots achieve their glass-door dreams.