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Empowery eCommerce Cooperative

How high could you scale your business by joining forces with other top tier eCommerce players? The nonprofit, member-owned Empowery eCommerce Cooperative is a true movement of entrepreneurs who are joining together to change the world for the better. It is your best chance to connect with some of the most brilliant, successful business minds on planet earth, share insider information, and potentially even form partnerships and joint ventures that can last a lifetime.

The cooperative was started in 2018 with 4 goals in mind:

1. Enhance the financial performance of the members and vendors by operating as a powerful buying group to leverage up front discounts, exclusive member perks, and cashback for volume purchases.

2. Influence eCommerce marketplaces and relevant governments for our members benefit by leveraging relationships at Amazon, Ebay, Walmart, Wish and many more to drive alignment of strategy WITH eCommerce companies instead of AGAINST them.

3. Help members create equity in the business and actually realize the wealth through strategic planning and analysis which can drive a plan, which will lead to fast growth and scale, which leads to attraction of worthwhile buyers of businesses.

4. Create a reliable day to day resource and community to Empower member’s businesses by establishing and maintaining a team to help both members and vendors while creating valuable content to be shared with members on a regular basis.

We don't just sit around talking about untested theories, Empowery members are the "real people" who are in the trenches running multi-million dollar businesses every single day.

Our members will continue to make a positive change in the world and we will be right there beside them helping them in every way possible.