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Inspired Marketing, Inc.

Dequiana Jackson of Inspired Marketing, Inc. is a small business marketing coach who co-creates marketing plans for high-achieving women entrepreneurs. Her clients are typically women entrepreneurs who've been successful in traditional jobs but need help transitioning into their own small business. These women are high achievers who did well in school and got promoted regularly at work, but being an entrepreneur scares them because success doesn't seem to come as easy as before. They tend to be rule followers, so taking a risk to start a business was not in their comfort zone. Excitement carried them through the initial planning, but now they are stuck on how to market their businesses. They see the value of hiring an expert and are open to receiving coaching or purchasing a digital product.

That's where we come in. In addition to helping with marketing strategy and serving as an accountability partner, Inspired Marketing, Inc. is uniquely positioned to also execute the marketing plans we create through strategic partnerships with web designers and creatives.