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The Secrets of Entrepreneurship

Our aim is to engender an individual’s potential to initiate personal, community and business ventures.

Our Goals

Awareness: To develop an awareness and understanding of the economic and personal factors that influence the success of entrepreneurial ventures.

Business Environment: To respond to learning and change in a business environment that will include decision making, problem-solving and a sense of entrepreneurship.

Self-Image and Personal-Use Skills: To develop self-esteem and personal-use skills (such as positive work habits and attitudes) through the process of initiating, planning and implementing an entrepreneurial venture, while recognizing the success or failure of a venture as separate from personal success or failure.

Employment Skills: To acquire skills to initiate a business venture and to develop awareness of further competencies necessary for the implementation of entrepreneurial ventures.

Business and Entrepreneurship Attitudes: To acquire a practical approach to using one’s potential and opportunities to initiate ventures based on informed risk taking.

Communications: To develop effective social and communication skills for business environments.

- To understand entrepreneurship, its role and contribution to personal, school, and community life.
- To develop entrepreneurial skills that may contribute to the success of the students’ practical learning experience.
- To assess opportunities at home, school, and in the community and to develop those opportunities by applying personal experience, knowledge, and expertise.
- To generate and assess ideas to be partnered with a legitimate opportunity at home, school, or in the community.
- To investigate the types of resources and sources that may be used to evaluate and plan an entrepreneurial venture.
- To develop a venture plan that can be used as a planning tool for a specific potential opportunity and idea.
- To explore the career choices available to the entrepreneur/intrapreneur