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Curate 360

CURATE 360 is a sourcing platform for products by Minority-owned businesses. We support the retail industry by allowing buyers and category managers to get access to our curated Minority-owned brands to find unique and trending products to fill the space on the shelf. Our sourcing application makes it very easy for them to find products in every category that have been fully vetted and tested. Retailers can post category reviews and receive submissions from relevant brands. CURATE 360 also has features that allow retailers to message brands directly and securely through our platform.

CURATE 360 truly lives up to its name in that we support Minority-Owned Businesses from beginning to end. We provide retail-ready education, services, and resources to make sure they understand what it means to get on the shelf. We also support them after they get on the shelf to make sure they can sustain and scale. Retailers definitely appreciate this!

CURATE 360 will save time and money for all retailers while giving them instant access to market-ready products.

Are you a Minority-owned business? Get your products in front of retailers and gain access to the tools you need to take your brand to the next level.

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