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Keynote Speaker
Jack Hogan: Speaking at the Online Retail Sourcing Show

Jack Hogan

Vice President of Strategic Partnerships - Mashgin

Lines and Your Bottom Line

Lines hurt your business, probably more than you think. With the labor shortage making additional hiring extremely difficult, businesses need to find smart ways to reduce lines. Attend to learn the hard data on how lines impact businesses across industries and what innovators are doing to improve the customer experience.

About Jack Hogan

Jack Hogan is the Vice President of Strategic Partnerships at Mashgin, an AI-Powered Self-Checkout System for convenience stores, sports stadiums, business dining, and universities. Before Mashgin, Jack built and scaled companies across AI, recruiting, and events. While working in the recruiting space, he also founded the non-profit Neurodiversity Pathways to help train and place adults on the Autism spectrum with jobs at top Bay Area companies.